Excluding code

Many projects have parts of their codebase that don't need to be included in their documentation:

  • Test code, such as unit tests or test harnesses
  • Third-party libraries that are kept alongside the project's code
  • Autogenerated code

Excluding parts of the codebase allows for your documentation to stay clean and focused.

How to exclude a file or folder

You can exclude a file or folder by adding a path to the [ignore] section of your .hdoc.toml file. The example below shows you how to do it.

# other parts of the file are omitted for this example

# Symbols from any of the following path fragments will be ignored
paths = [
  # more paths can be added as needed

# ... more project information

hdoc will compare the path of every symbol it finds to the paths you added to the [ignore] section. If any part of the path you added to the [ignore] section appears in the symbol's path, the symbol will be discarded. In essence, a substring match is used to compared ignore paths to symbol paths.

Below is a list of made up paths to code in a repository. Each path is either processed or ignored, depending on if there is a match to the ignore paths from the example above. You can see how each path is processed.

/home/user/project/src/main.cpp -> ✅ processed
/home/user/project/src/interface_autogenerated.cpp -> ❌ ignored
/home/user/project/src/interface_autogenerated.hpp -> ✅ processed
/home/user/project/src/tests/testfoo.cpp -> ✅ processed
/home/user/project/src/tests/unittests/testbar.cpp -> ❌ ignored
/home/user/project/thirdparty/libabc/libabc.hpp -> ❌ ignored
/home/user/project/third_party/libxyz/libxyz.hpp -> ✅ processed (note the typo!)