The modern documentation tool for C++.

Autogenerated API documentation. Integrated Markdown pages. Instant search. Beautiful output. Create great documentation, painlessly.

Documentation snippet with emphasis on mathematical notation.

Rich API Docs.

Bring your documentation into the 21st century.

Code and comments become beautiful websites. Delight your users with high-quality, clean documentation.
Support for mathematical notation built in.
Every function, class, and enum in your codebase is scanned and documented. Doxygen comments are supported.

Go Beyond The API.

Documentation doesn't end at the API: enhance your documentation with additional written pages.

Write tutorials, guides, and architecture documents in Markdown to help users get the most out of your code.
hdoc keeps your documents alongside your code so that they're always in sync.
Markdown makes writing documentation easy and low-friction.
Documentation snippet with diagram and table.
Terminal screenshot showing hdoc processing a code project and uploading it for hosting.

CI and DevOps Ready.

Stop worrying if your documentation is up to date or not: build it with your code.

hdoc ships as a dependency-free static binary, making it easy to integrate into your CI and DevOps workflow.
Our hosting option is backed by a global CDN to give you maximum performance and security with minimum effort.

Developer Friendly.

Developers should focus on what's important instead of the minutiae of their documentation tooling.

Avoid legacy tools and thousand line configuration files. A few lines is all you need to configure hdoc.
hdoc integrates with GitHub, so you can go straight from the documentation to source code and back again.
Snippet of an hdoc configuration file showing how little is needed to configure it.
hdoc logo with Open Source Initiative and GitHub logos.

hdoc open source.

hdoc wouldn't exist without the open source community and we want to give back.

hdoc is an open-source tool available under the AGPLv3 license. Check out the source on GitHub.
We give back to the open source community by offering free documentation hosting services.
Commercial licenses are also available.


Automatic API Documentation

Every function, class, and enum in your codebase is scanned and documented. Compatible with Doxygen-style comments.

Integrated Markdown

hdoc converts your Markdown pages into a website and puts it next to your API docs. All of your documentation is in one place.

Instant Codebase Search

Instant search-as-you-type lookup of symbols throughout your entire codebase.

CI Integration

Your documentation is never out of date if you build it with your code. All you need to do is add hdoc to your build job.

Advanced Code Parser

hdoc understands the newest C++ features with its advanced compiler-based parser.

Clean, Beautiful, Fast

hdoc outputs fully static HTML with no required Javascript, ensuring your users never have to wait.