hdoc is now open source

22 March 2021

A new chapter for hdoc

Today marks the beginning of a new chapter for hdoc as an open source project.

hdoc is a modern documentation tool for C++ with the goal of helping developers create great documentation, painlessly. To accomplish this goal, hdoc automatically generates API documentation, puts Markdown pages alongside your documentation, and lets you search through your documentation interactively. Above all, hdoc is designed to produce great results with minimal configuration and hassle.

Making hdoc open source reinforces our commitment to working with the community to improve the state of C++ software. Though everyone is now free to use hdoc as they please, we ask those that use hdoc for commercial purposes to support its development by subscribing to a hosting plan or purchasing a commercial license.

We look forward to continuing development on hdoc and have a slate of new features planned for release this year.

Source code and licensing

The source code for hdoc is available on GitHub. hdoc has been licensed under the AGPLv3 license, and custom commercial licensing is also available upon request. The repository includes everything needed to build hdoc along with instructions and a general overview of hdoc's structure. It also includes the client-side code used by clients when they interface our hosted service.

The GitHub repository is a subset of a private Git repository where hdoc development takes place, making it a mirror of sorts. This arrangement may change in the future.

Changes to our hosting service

There are also big changes to the hosting model for hdoc. We previously offered a variety of paid plans that allowed users to host their documentation on docs.hdoc.io. Our hosting option allowed users to push their documentation to us on-demand, where it would be hosted on our domain and backed by a global CDN. Starting today, we are restructuring these offerings.

The Essential Edition has been replaced with hdoc Community Edition, which offers free hosting of documentation on docs.hdoc.io for one project. We hope that this change will make it easier for developers to share their documentation with the world. This change should also make it easier for users to get the information they need from the projects they rely on.

Additionally, users subscribed to the Team Edition of hdoc have had their service upgraded to support 5 projects simultaneously, instead of 3. There have been no changes to pricing as a result of this increased service.

All users of hdoc.io receive fully static binaries that make deploying hdoc easy, as well as all of the features that hdoc has to offer. Team Edition users get support, as well as increased build resources compared to users on the Community Edition.

To our existing customers

As previously mentioned, existing Team Edition subscribers have had their project quota bumped up from 3 to 5 for no additional cost. Subscribers to the now-defunct Essential Edition have been upgraded to the Team Edition at no additional cost. These grandfathered users will pay their original Essential Edition pricing for as long as they remain subscribed, and receive all the features and benefits of the Team Edition at a substantial discount. Thank you for sticking with us!